The big smile, is not coincidental

March 18, 2017

The big smile that sits on your face after receiving flowers, or even looking at them, is not coincidental. There have been a lot of researches made on the effects of flowers on people, all of which confirm that the feeling of joy that fills us in the presence of flowers is genuine and real. There is a direct relation between working with or having flowers in one's life, and the degree of life satisfaction one might feel. Flowers are the prize we give ourselves to feel better. The experiments done on human subjects show that because of their inherent beauty, flowers instigate real smiles, and bring about feelings of love, delight, serenity and safety.

According to the same research these feelings are long lasting, and it has even been found that flowers are the unconscious motivators for many important actions that people take. The speed of our increasingly automated lives, doesn't allow for stopping at intervals in order to rest and dwell upon each of the decisions and steps we take. The effect shows itself in the increasing amount of stress and pressure that we are burdened with. Since a few years ago the important role of plants and flowers in reducing our feelings of anxiety and stress has been proven and the importance of having them at home or in our work spaces is frequently emphasized upon. Their presence isn't simply to create an atmosphere of serenity and calm anymore, but to help people feel more centered and adjusted and consequently for them to behave appropriately in different situations. Flowers greatly contribute to feeling contented and happy, quickly, and in a long lasting way. Having flowers at home, in the work space, at celebrations, gatherings and parties, signifies that not only do you wish to benefit from having them around, but that you wish to convey the same benefits to the people around you. 


It has been many years since the time when flowers were mostly limited to be gifted on the occasions when a lover wished to court and woo, nowadays flowers have found their way into our work spaces and friendly gatherings. The practice of using flowers to honor the memory of a cherished person who is deceased or to comfort their spirits is also a very old tradition that still persists to this day. We buy flowers for people whom we love, or for people whom we love but who have passed and whose memories we wish to keep alive and cherish.


When you look closely, one thing becomes apparent and that is, the biggest role flowers play in any given situation, is to convey our deepest feelings, which cannot be represented with words, there is no way to put the unspeakable effect a single flower can have, on a person's heart and their soul, into words. Flowers in different cultures always stand for different meanings, for example red rose has always been the symbol of love, and during the Renaissance came to signify true and eternal beauty, its thorns the wounds that the beloved inflicted upon the lover. The same is true with white rose which conveyed pure love. Therefore we can conclude that each flower can pass on a special message, and furthermore can transform negative feelings in the same way.


Flowers can help increase focus during formal meetings and business negotiations, and help people in the room make better choices and eliminate negative feelings during these occasions. Flowers engage the three senses of sight, touch and smell at the same time, they discreetly become the focal point, in any environment they are placed in, and they can separate us from our concerns, and, focus all our attention on their beauty which has accompanied us since our first day on this earth. 

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