Every occasion demands a language, particular to its own

March 18, 2017

Each event has a distinctive spirit; each ceremony requires certain preparations, and a particular approach. Therefore for each different ceremony, I need to prepare in a different manner, to think in a different way, take the particulars of that event into consideration, and through the way I arrange the flowers, create what the holders of that event have in mind. 

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The big smile, is not coincidental

March 18, 2017

The big smile that sits on your face after receiving flowers, or even looking at them, is not coincidental. There have been a lot of researches made on the effects of flowers on people, all of which confirm that the feeling of joy that fills us in the presence of flowers is genuine and real. There is a direct relation between working with or having flowers in one's life, and the degree of life satisfaction one might feel. Flowers are the prize we give ourselves to feel better. The experiments done on human subjects show that because of their inherent beauty, flowers instigate real smiles, and bring about feelings of love, delight, serenity and safety.

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Whenever you feel you need flowers to play a particular role in your lives, you only need to talk to me. Describe the space and occasion for which you need flowers and we'll talk about how to proceed.


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