About me

I can almost remember every single bouquet i ever received in my life. There is a meaning behind every flower and those meanings have always held a special place in my heart, and i take this opportunity to share them here with you.

I designed all the flower arrangements at my own wedding and since then arranging the flowers for a party has been more exciting for me than the party itself and there are always new designs forming in my head for any type of event.

I receive endless compliments from friends and costumers about my work and telling me that they also wish they could be dealing with flowers for a living. When planning for an event i would get giddy about putting together arrangements. I would plan for weeks scouring the stores for the perfect container carefully choosing the flowers for. I can barely sleep the night before an event due to the excitement and anticipation.

Flowers have spoken to me more than i can tell in written words, they are the hieroglyphics of angels. Working with flowers has taught me that creativity knows no limits and they themselves are a source of inspiration like no other. My love for flowers and innovation is what helped me make “YASSI TAHERI” come to life.