The Big Day

I did the flowers for my own wedding day, and I have to say that my entry in to the professional world of flower arrangement began on my own big day. The truth is we are always on the quest for the best things in all stages of life, our eyes constantly seek for the most beautiful, to be registered in our memories, and from among all the beauties that the world has to offer, flowers have been with us since the very first day. We have always breathed their presence in, and each of our memories are marked and pervaded with the scent of a different flower.

Your wedding day is the day that you wish to be memorable, not only for yourself but for your guests as well. You wish for this day to be talked about for years to come. You wish to express your individuality, and in the splendid celebrations that you are holding, you want flowers to play the principal role, flowers with their intrinsic beauty which will enhance the beauty of your joyful ceremony.Your only concern tonight should be uniting with your Love, and for bliss to adorn your lips. This is why you have come to me, so that I may arrange your flowers in harmony with your ceremony, the music, The Dress, and the color theme.

Each Other...
The best thing to hold onto;
...like what flowers do

Endless love, unity, eternal joy, happiness and long years together ahead, are the concepts which define wedding days.  Flowers bring these concepts from the realm of empty formalism out in to the present, and will breathe life in to these pure ideals, filling them with exuberance. By bringing flowers in to focus on your wedding day, you invite nature to host your ceremony. Today, you are to leave your concerns and worries to me, so that I may create the most beguiling image of nature, as a monument to your happiness.