A New Tale

Maybe you think you have heard all the stories and tales in the world, but through the elusive beauty of flowers I'll tell you a new narrative of this old tale.

Life is a tale with different chapters and even though they overlap and interlace one with another, each chapter has its own unique and separate identity. One of the chapters is our career and the identity it grants us. The Wedding day, our big day, is another chapter in this long tale of life. Celebrations and gatherings are separate chapters which are interspersed along the span of the tale, and serve to refresh the taste of our lives and give us the energy to carry on the rest of our long ways. Then there are chapters where we just wish to be by ourselves; to be the sole protagonists of our own stories; And, as in all tales, our tale too, has sorrowful chapters, in which, there come times when we lose someone cherished and loved.

Chapter One I'll tell you a story: Of Careers Career is the one thing with which we identify ourselves in an enduring way. Apart from independence, our careers bring us confidence and credibility. Having a profession in our lives gives us the chance to enjoy the rest of the chapters in our tales. In this chapter we want to share our achievements with our colleagues, to stand out and set ourselves apart as is our right. Sometimes we only wish to hold a meeting leading to bigger things, but we don't merely want to settle for the same old way of doing things, we wish to make an impact, we aim to influence and direct.

Chapter Two I'll tell you a story: of The Big Day Today's our wedding day. We have meticulously thought of every single thing from long before. We have chosen The One. We want to make a declaration and to celebrate our love and commitment with others. We want to share our joy and happiness with them, which is why everything on this day should be an expression of our individuality.

Chapter Three I'll tell you a story: of Everyday Life In between the long stretches of repetitive daily life we want to stop every once in a while, to reach out and gather our loved ones around, to talk and laugh with each other. To be happy, and to find any excuse to celebrate. To do this in our own unique way, expressing who we are as individuals.

Chapter Four I'll tell you a story: of Havens Sometimes we don't need an occasion to create serenity and beauty. We might take a look at ourselves and crave our own company. We arrange and adorn our space so that it becomes a haven of beauty and tranquility; in such a way that when we open the doors of our memories of this place, the scent of our lives would diffuse in the air, forever.

Chapter Five I'll tell you a story: of Sorrow Then there come times of sorrowful losses in our lives, when a cherished person passes on, or a person close to us loses a loved one. At these times we want to keep their memories alive and pay tribute to who they were as individuals.

These are my narrations of the important chapters in the Tale of Life. And to make sure that each precious, ephemeral moment endures in memory, I create unique, scented images of beauty and grace to accompany each chapter and mark them in time. In short, no matter in which chapter of your life you may be, I'll tell a memorable tale, a story full of life and excitement for it: Professional meetings, conventions, work space, weddings, celebrations and gatherings, home interiors, and, memorials. In proportion with your space and in tandem with your occasion, I'll bring nature, itself, to you and yours.

Due to their vivid, vital nature, I believe flowers can play a role in all chapters of life. They entwine their way into every corner, breathe the same air and imbue every stage of our life with their presence. I bring life to celebrations and gatherings; I set different seasons on to walls, table settings and wedding spreads and for a while, let the nature in to our lives.

With "Yassi Taheri" you will get to experience a corner of living nature in a way you have never seen before. "Yassi Taheri" invites your eyes to glimpse into a rare but attainable dream.


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