Every occasion demands a language, particular to its own

March 18, 2017

Each event has a distinctive spirit; each ceremony requires certain preparations, and a particular approach. Therefore for each different ceremony, I need to prepare in a different manner, to think in a different way, take the particulars of that event into consideration, and through the way I arrange the flowers, create what the holders of that event have in mind. 


Restaurants, Spas, Beauty Salons, or Fashion Houses, Weddings, Collaborations and Conventions, Birthdays, etc., each and every occasion demands a language particular to its own requirements and one cannot approach all of these occasions in the same manner if one hopes to enjoy the results in any meaningful way. This is why each of my works is different from the other, because the tone of the event, the space and the clients all take part in shaping my final design. 

My work goes beyond a simple arrangement of flowers, I bring forth the spirit of each flower in tandem with the tone of the event, and in order to do so in the best way possible, I take aid from the inherent beauty of the flowers and my own creativity.

This is why choosing the right flowers has a lot of importance in arranging and designing them for the event at hand. I take the theme of the event and setting and mood into consideration and choose the flowers accordingly and then I twist and turn and form and shape the leaves and flowers and branches and give them new life, and even when I use the same flowers in two different events, the way they are presented depending on the event is different, because the flowers themselves choose their own appearance.

My job is not to add to the beauty of the flowers themselves, I strive for different events to each weigh in a different manner. During the years of my professional life, I've endeavored to shift the perception of flowers from merely being decorative objects in vases, to giving them the role they deserve. Different flowers and different arrangements can play different roles in each event. For example, a wild flower confection in a very trendy restaurant, is very different from a rose and iris arrangement designed for a wedding ceremony spread. The first arrangement is meant to attract attention and contribute to a feeling of enjoyment and pleasure for the patrons, and, the second arrangement is meant to be a reminder of the bride and the groom's feelings of endless love, as a symbol of the strength of their connection, and at the same time, to inspire admiration from the guests.

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